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QSM (Quantitative Service Measurement) is a senior level networking group focused on continuous learning and performance improvement. QSM has operated since 1992. Fraser Group assumed management of the program in 2018.

The 9 QSM organizations administer pension benefits for 3.0 million plan members in the federal and provincial public sector.

The annual QSM Benchmarking Survey compares unit costs and service delivery standards across the group.

The semi-annual QSM Peer Forums allow delegates from each participant organization to share information on best practices and to discuss emerging issues in pension plan administration. These 2-day meetings rotate around the country.

All QSM Survey reports and Peer Forum discussions are governed by a strict Confidentiality Policy.

A Governing Council, consisting of delegates from each participant, meets 4 times a year to provide direction and advice on Survey content and Peer Forum agendas.

The QSM culture is centered on openness, mutual support and a camaraderie forged from a shared commitment to maintaining and enhancing services to plan members.

QSM Members

  • Alberta Pension Services
  • Alberta Teachers Retirement Fund
  • BC Pension Services
  • Canadian Government Pension Center
  • Provident 10 (Newfoundland and Labrador)
  • Retraite Quebec
  • Saskatchewan Health Employees’ Pension Plan
  • University Pension Plan (Ontario)
  • Vestcor (New Brunswick)