LTD Claims Data Bank


Fraser Group, in association with Denis Garand and Associates, has completed the LTD Incidence Study (2003) and the Canadian Incidence and Continuance Study (2006). These were the first ever industry studies based on Canadian only business and provided the first North American incidence studies since the GLTD tables were released in 1987.

While these studies have provided a great deal of insight into the modern Group LTD risk in Canada, they have also highlighted the limitations of ad hoc studies based on short periods of experience.

Consequently, with the broad support from both the reinsurance industry and direct writers, the LTD Claims Data Bank was initiated to provide a permanent facility to study LTD incidence and continuance patterns.

The Data Bank accumulates claim data from the year 2000 and is augmented each year with current data. At regular intervals, updated incidence and termination tables are made available to participants in the project.    


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