Pension Fund Expense Benchmark Fees

Level 1 The Benchmark at-a-glance, provides a quick look at how your expenses compare to our statistical model of expected plan costs. Plan sponsors will be able to quickly and easily see if their operating costs are reasonable considering their asset size and number of members. $145
Level 2 The Extended Benchmark and Peer Group Report provides an array of tables and a series of comparisons with actual plans in Peer Groups based on similar Assets, Member Counts, and Expected Expenses.   $795
Upgrade Participants who purchase the Level 1 report can upgrade to a Level 2 report within 90 days for the difference in fees. $650
Level 3 Custom Analysis Reports are available for Plan Sponsors looking for more insight into their plan costs or those with special circumstances. We can prepare customized database extracts and modify standard reporting to address individual needs. Please contact us for more details or to receive a quote. Per Quote

Fees are subject to GST/HST (not included). You will be invoiced upon delivery of the report.

Download a copy of the questionnaire.

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