Cost Structure Analysis

Cost Structure Analysis is a study of unit costs in the Group Life and Health industry.

This product provides group carriers with inter-company comparisons of operating expenses recognizing the variations associated with different client segments.

The results are presented in two ways, each providing different insights into competitive position.

  • Unit Expense Factors compare expenses on the basis of specific services delivered to clients such as a claim settlement.
  • Expense Ratios compare expenses as a percent of premium.

All Factors and Ratios are available with and without Systems and Corporate Overhead.

Additional tables explore:

  • Systems versus people expenses
  • Routine LTD claim administration versus investigation, rehab and litigation
  • Call centre costs.

The standard deliverables include:

  • Working papers (Excel worksheets) showing the technical development of your own unit costs
  • Draft tables for review
  • Final written report
  • Electronic version of the Report
  • Additional electronic only tables
  • A presentation in your office.

The full report is only available to participating companies but non confidential information from the database may be available for use in proprietary consulting assignments.

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