Client Database and Registration


Our Client Database maintains contact and preference information for the people who use our products.

This database allows us to announce delivery dates, corrections to published data and other information.

We define three categories of users in this database.


  • Key Contact - This person is "owner" of the product and would sign the participation agreement and receive the invoice as well as the main deliverables. The Key Contact may choose to control who is registered under the other categories. 
  • Data Contact - These persons would be our contacts concerning technical matters related to data. If not specified, we assume the Key Contact is also a data contact.
  • Registered User - All other persons who make significant use of our products and who wish to be registered. 

To become a Registered User, click here.


Operating Guidelines:

  1. For each product, there can be only one Key Contact per company.

  2. The Key Contact is automatically a Registered User.

  3. The Data contact is automatically a Registered User .

  4. Anyone can request Registered User status. If required, Fraser Group will confirm the registration with the Key Contact.


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