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Custom Research

Fraser Group has a deep knowledge of the group benefits industry in Canada based on decades of experience and the proprietary data developed in our ongoing research programs.

We use these resources to provide custom research and consulting solutions to clients with an interest in benefit programs.


  • We have produced several actuarial research studies under contract to the Canadian Institute of Actuaries. We have also undertaken research and analysis at the request of the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association.
  • We have co-authored a major research study on public and private drug insurance in Canada.
  • We have undertaken several studies on the market profile of Third Party Administrators (TPAs). We maintain a TPA Directory with contact information for TPAs operating in Canada.
  • Within the insurance industry, we have worked on a confidential basis on issues such as:
    • New market opportunities
    • Expense management
    • Acquisition strategy
  • We have also worked with pharmaceutical manufacturers, government entities and non-profit associations.